A quote from G.H. Pember, first published in 1876

“We may profess worship of the Supreme God, we may be very sedulous [diligent] in the outward part of it; but if at the same time we are obeying the law of Satan, his subjects we are reckoned to be, and to him our prayers and praises ascend. And the law of Satan is this: – That we seek all our pleasures in, and fix all our heartfelt hopes upon, this present age over which he presides; and that we use our best endeavors – by means of various sensuous and intellectual occupations and delights, and countless ways of killing time which he has provided – to keep our thoughts from ever wandering into that age to come, which will see him a fettered captive instead of a prince and a god.”

G.H. Pember, Earth’s Earliest Ages (Grand Rapids: Kregel Publications, 1982), p. 38

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1 Response to A quote from G.H. Pember, first published in 1876

  1. Jesus Wins says:

    Very, very, very true!

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