Righteousness Through Faith – free music

Righteousness Through Faith

I sometimes get a picture in my head of something. In fact, that happens a lot when I read scripture – maybe everyone does when they read a book. I know I do. I just picture things in my mind. And the picture I had that started this song was one of God taking (amazing image, that) Abraham outside of his tent to look up at this amazing desert panorama of stars, and almost hearing Abraham gasp at the idea of counting them all, but then also making that decision of faith and saying, “Yes, I believe You.” It really moved me. The rest just came to me as the Lord gave it. I hope it edifies you.

Righteousness Through Faith

Based on Genesis 15 & 22:1-18, Romans 4:18-24 & 8:32, Hebrews 11:17-19, and James 2:23

Verse 1:

Cool and moonless night, oak trees swaying in the breeze, once again You come to me.

You tell me not to be afraid, You’re my shield and my reward… shall be very great.

“But  oh, Sovereign Lord, what can You give to me, since I still don’t have a son?”

You lead me from my tent and tell me, “Look up and count the stars, if you can.”

Heavens wheeling overhead, unnumbered dots of light there spread, as dense as the sand…

On the shore

“So shall your offspring be”

“Lord, I believe”

Verse 2:

You promise that you brought me, all the way from my old home to give to me… this land.

It’s not that my faith is weak, but would You show a sign to me, so I can know the land will be mine…

in time

What kind of God is this?! He passed between the pieces!!


Against all hope, Abraham believed.  He faced the circumstances without weakening

He did not waver in unbelief.  But was strengthened in his faith and gave God glory

Fully convinced of God’s great power.  To bring to pass whatever thing He promises

For all of time, the ways of God don’t change.  He credits righteousness to us through faith

Verse 3:

Laughter in my home, to wife and me Your kindness shown, and once again You come to me.

“Take your son, the one you love, to the mountain I will show, and sacrifice him there to Me.”

Get up early, hit the road, if You take him, Lord, I know, He is still the promised seed.

In the midst  of the stroke, a mighty voice from heaven spoke, “Do not lay a hand on him,

My friend.”

“I swear by My great Name, because you have done this thing,

All nations will be blessed through you.” The Son of God shall come through you.

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1 Response to Righteousness Through Faith – free music

  1. Was looking for another friend of yours, a Jeff Marshall who joined us last night on Google when I stumbled upon this song. What a pleasant reminder of the faithfulness of God and that He is actually pleased when we obey Him so. This written story or in song always brings tears to my eyes. Can you believe the God of the universe is commending a man for his faith?
    I’m glad to see that He has given you this ability to sing, write and play as it is welcome addition to the other gifts that seem common amongst us. Have you ever written a simple children’s song. Mark Finger brought out that suggestion yesterday- that we corporately sing a song with one or more of our children online. Al Nelson’s son spoke what seemed prophetical about the devil and his desire to thwart this new avenue of fellowship online. That got us thinking about how we might involve them more.
    It was nice to meet you “officially” the other night (sorry for the lame word, seemed to fit) as we each has so much in common with one another. By the grace of God hopefully we too might be found exercising a similar faith as Abraham in the midst of our own set of trials.

    Can you forward me email to Jeff and please pass along a standard email address if you have one. I was looking for Jeff’s as well as I wanted a list of his immediate family members. I write the names of likeminded friends in my Bible for quick reference when I pray for them. I guess I never got around to asking you if you’re married or have children. As far as I know, I’m the only holdout among us- never married, no kids. Never thought that would happen, but that’s where I am these days.
    Hope all is well. Pass along any additional prayer requests to the mail below if need be.
    Love in Jesus, and hopefully from Him as well, Michael


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