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What Is Being Born Again and What Does the Bible Say About It?

One of the most important subjects in the entire Bible is ‘regeneration,’ otherwise known as ‘salvation’ or being ‘born again.’ In John chapter 3, Jesus used the strongest possible terms to inform us of the necessity of this happening in … Continue reading


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Sin is not to rule over the Christian

Law only arouses sinful lusts (Romans 7:8), so when you’re under Law (i.e. not born again or living in bondage as a born again person because of incomplete revelation of all that Jesus has given us), sin rules over you, … Continue reading

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Adam Clarke on Genesis 17:1

Feed on Clarke’s faith-filled words and believe in God’s glorious purpose for His saints in this life! And when Abram was ninety nine years old, Jehovah appeared to Abram and said to him, I am the Almighty God! Walk before … Continue reading

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Even More Quotes from G.H. Pember

Oh that those who are thus blinded by Satan would consider while there is yet time; would earnestly and prayerfully meditate upon the words of the Lord Jesus, and interpret them by His most holy life! Then would they see … Continue reading

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More G.H. Pember Quotes

I continue to be impressed by the godly wisdom given to this man who lived 150 years ago. [T]he theology of the first murderer (Cain) is that of a large and perpetually increasing school of our times. He neither denied … Continue reading

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Pember on Eve’s Temptation

I’m still slowly making my way through another read of G.H. Pember’s book, Earth’s Earliest Ages. While I’m finding occasional things I disagree with, I continue to be amazed by the man’s skill with words and the wisdom that God … Continue reading

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A quote from G.H. Pember, first published in 1876

“We may profess worship of the Supreme God, we may be very sedulous [diligent] in the outward part of it; but if at the same time we are obeying the law of Satan, his subjects we are reckoned to be, … Continue reading

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Judging Rightly

Back when I went to a “mainstream church” and the Lord began to open my eyes to the truth in His Word and to the far-reaching compromise and lukewarmness among the people there, I began to have conversations with a … Continue reading

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Run at the Cry

I was studying Hebrews 4 and was blessed by Adam Clarke’s commentary on verse 16: Hebrews 4:16  Therefore let us draw near with confidence to the throne of grace, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help … Continue reading

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Great Devotional from Gary Wilkerson

HUNGRY TO BE HOLY by Gary Wilkerson There was a young Scottish pastor, Robert Murray McCheyne who died at 29. Before his passing he brought a great awakening to his church. This week I read a quote from this man … Continue reading

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