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Look to Christ

I was really moved by these powerful words from Matthew Henry’s commentary on the 1st half of John 19: Little did Pilate think with what holy regard these sufferings of Christ would, in after-ages, be thought upon and spoken of … Continue reading

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Persevering Faith – Will You Make It to Heaven?

Purpose for Writing My purpose for writing is twofold. First of all, those who wish to follow (or perhaps only profess) Christ need to have a solid understanding of the narrow road (Matthew 7:14) they are on. They need to … Continue reading

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God’s just judgment

I found this profound statement on another brother’s blog (link) and wanted to share it: If we truly understand what transpired on the cross, in the death of God’s Son, then we will accept eternal judgment as the perfect and … Continue reading

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The Final Word on Tithing

Please note: When I speak against the “teaching” of the tithe, I am specifically talking about someone teaching Christians that God expects them to tithe. I am not talking about teaching about how God gave Moses laws requiring Old Testament … Continue reading

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True Worship

A single candle flickered weakly in the darkened room. Music echoed gently across the tile walls, filling the room with the peaceful sound of worship. The shuffling iPod was generating a soothing environment in which to relax. The next song … Continue reading

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Counting the Cost & Carrying the Cross

There is a great deal of confusion in our day about the call of Jesus. We see the fruit of this confusion in the prevalence of worldly and carnal churches. I want to briefly look at the call Jesus gives … Continue reading

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Church is a Circus & Freedom from Pornography

When a local megachurch features a debate between a porn star and a pastor, it’s high time to cut through the madness and look to the Word of God for the answer. Continue reading

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On Healing

The Question A question with which I have wrestled for around 15 years is this: does God promise physical healing to me, as His adopted child? Is it part of the package of our inheritance from Him? Recently, I was … Continue reading

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Satan is Infiltrating Christian Worship

I wrote this just last week to share with my fellow musicians about a problem that has been around for quite a while, but of which I have only recently become much more aware. I pray that you’ll keep an open mind as you read and allow the Lord to examine your own heart of worship. Continue reading


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Sin, Temptation, & Repentance

14 but each one is tempted when, by his own evil desire, he is dragged away and enticed. 15 Then, after desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, gives birth to death. (James … Continue reading

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